Offspring of Convicts
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Hailing from all corners of Eastern Australia, Offspring of Convicts were drawn to Melbourne by their shared dream to rock! With steady rhythms and pants-dropping vocals, this band have hit the ground running and have already integrated themselves into the Melbourne music scene with their catchy melodies and tight accompaniment.

Forming in early 2014, Offspring of Convicts have already established themselves as mainstays of the Melbourne rock scene, playing regular shows at great venues including The Esplanade, The Tote and Musicland, along multiple shows in Sydney and regional Victoria.

With influences that bring a hard, driving sound to accompany the surprisingly artistic lyrics, Offspring of Convicts are striving to bring Aussie rock back to the mainstream.

Offspring of Convicts have put together a tight, mature sound and have already garnered quite a following in Melbourne’s music scene. Their hard rock attitude, coupled with their dedication and passion for music makes for a dangerous combination that results in a classic sound with a fresh twist, which is brought to life by their high-energy performances. Despite their youth, Offspring of Convicts have much to bring to the table and have generated much excitement with what is to come.